New Releases: Staff Favorites

Did we ever tell you how much we love our new releases?? Everyone here at 9th Letter Press has their favorites and we wanted to share them with you! These are just some of the wonderful new releases that will be in our ‘Stationery Show in a Box’ crates. (to …

The Big Reveal: Stationery Show in a Box!

We’ve been working hard and counting down the days until the big reveal date and today’s the big day!
We are thrilled to announce our “Stationery Show in a Box”! This year, as a team, we decided not to attend the National Stationery Show, in the hopes of using the …

The (Brief) History of Letterpress!


Here at 9th Letter Press, we adore the letterpress process. But, not a lot of people even know what it is!


So, what is letterpress? To put it simply, it’s a relief printing process that takes raised plates with words and designs and imprints them onto a …

9th Letter Press New Releases!

Hello, ALL!

I took a little hiatus this month from Book Cover Challenge to concentrate bringing out our new releases! I am so excited to share with you all some of my favorite new cards available now on our site! We’ll be shipping these beauties out to the rest of …

The Soon-to-be Mrs.

Isabel recently had the grand opportunity to design custom letterpress invitations for the beautiful bride-to-be Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY.

The three piece, three color letterpress invitations were initiated by Kelly’s good friend, Janice.  She contacted Isabel a few months ago with the idea of designing this citrus suite …

Jot it down!

9th Letter Press would like to thank profusely whoever invented notepads.

Can I just tell you that the day is rare when I don’t need to jot down a note, a to do list, or a friendly reminder in hopes that I’ll remember to buy eggs for the third trip …

Letters at Camp

When you go to camp, you expect a lot of snail mail courtesy of 9th Letter Press.

If you’ve ever been a 12 year old camper living off sugar and night games, you know how much a letter from home can make your tween day!  Forget the emails and texts, …

Something to Write About

The new 9th Letter Press journals can make anyone become a writer.

It’s true.  With three different covers and 96 lined pages of fun, you’ll be itching to pick up your favorite pen and write to your heart’s content.

flat printed journals, 9th Letter Press, writing, journaling, Winter Park, Florida, Orlando

So, let’s break it down. Who’s who?

To the left, you …

9th Letter Press Friday Giveaways!

Hey stationery friends!  Did you know that every Friday we do a giveaway via Instagram?  #truth #swag #youknowyouwantit  In fact, you can follow us @9thletterpress right now!

Check out what you’ve missed already!  But please, no tears are required…there will be another giveaway in two days!

So, get on it!  …