9th Letter Press celebrating their Moms

Mother’s Day Fact: On May 8, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as “Mother’s Day”.  Therefore this Sunday on May 12th, we shall join together to celebrate our mothers. We thought it would be fun to get to know the Women of 9th Letter Press by asking Isabel & Sheli 9 questions about their relationships with their moms.

Here are the insights from the Left-Brain, Right-Brain duo:

 1.) Where is your mother from?

      Isabel // She is from Bolivia aka “The Motherland”, & moved to the U.S. when she was 17.

      Sheli // My mother hails all the way from the other side of I-4… Tampa, Florida.


2.) Growing up what have you admire most about your mother?

      Isabel // My mom is the most capable person I know. She could run a country.

      Sheli // Growing up she worked full time, but gave me 100% of her attention and love.

3.) Do you & your mother have any special kind of traditions?

      Isabel // My mom will grab my hand, hold it, & squeeze it three times.  This is her way of       telling me she loves me.

      Sheli // When we go shopping we purposely forget our sweaters so we have an excuse to         buy ones at the mall.

4.) What name do you use to call your Mother?

      Isabel // I call her Momma

      Sheli // I call her Mom

5.) Does your mom have any nicknames for you?

      Isabel // Brunelo.  It is a pastry from Bolivia.  Like calling someone pumpkin.

      Sheli // Sheli.  Truth is my given name is Kathryn, just like my mom.  She goes by Kathi           and I go by Sheli.

6.) In your opinion what has been the best gift you have given your mother?

      Isabel // One time I went home & found all my sketches from over the years my mom has         kept. So in a way what I am doing now is like her keeping all my drawings.

      Sheli // Grandchild.


7.) Now that you’re an adult, when did you realized, “Whoa! I have become my Mother?”

      Isabel // My mom is a great cook. Growing up she would make so much food I thought she       was sending it over to feed the Bolivians.  Now when I cook I make enough to send over to       feed the Bolivians too.

      Sheli // I knew it when I looked at my husband & said “we have to pick our battles with           our kids!”.

8.) What is the sweetest memory of your mother?

      Isabel // One weekend my mother was upset and left Boca and showed up on my doorstep.       Her surprise visit turned into a very sweet weekend.  It was the first time I felt like we were       both adults sharing life’s struggles with one another.  I was not only her daughter but also       her friend now.

      Sheli // During the holidays my mom and I go on a girls only trip.  Just the two of us               shopping in New York City’s finest shops… We pack our sweaters for that trip!

9.) What is your Mother’s Favorite 9th Letter Press Card?

      Isabel // My mom’s favorite card is our new “Hola” card which debuts at NSS

      Sheli // Her favorite card is “Quills & Pens”

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

—9th Letter Press Team