Back from the National Stationery Show

The National Stationery was six days ago and I am still having a hard time figuring out how it came and went. Remember the anticipation of your approaching birthday? The day comes and goes with all the fanfare birthdays deserve, but then you’re hit with the inevitable, “it’s over? it’s really over?”

This is how I feel about NSS. So much planning, penny saving, and energy went into the prep time of NSS that I can’t believe the culmination of what we were waiting for is really, truly over.

All that being said, the 9th Letter Press team couldn’t have asked for a better debut at the show. Being the right brain of this op, I really came to appreciate Sheli’s knack for planning every little detail and her deep appreciation for budgeting.

 (A word about planning and budgeting: not my forte).

More then ever, I am so grateful for how well we work together in filling what the other lacks. I love coming up with the big, wide picture and designing the look of the booth, the color scheme and the feel of our brand, but it’s Sheli who can translate what’s in my head into something concrete and real.

If you were at the show, here is a big thank you for your visit and for all the warmth and excitement we felt from everyone who stepped into our booth. Sheli, Jessica, Teresa and I loved meeting all of you!

Our trip back to Winter Park, Florida turned out to be much longer than expected (we were not the only ones with this story!) and while at the airport, I had my sketchbook out, drawing tons of new cards (thank you Westerchester airport for the endless supply of yummy gummy snacks + Snyder’s spicy buffalo pretzels) so be on the lookout for some fun new greeting cards coming soon.

Oh, and before I forget, while at NSS we were so stinkin’ thrilled to find that 9th Letter Press will be available in stores from one end of the continental United States of America to the other. We are also heading to Australia, England, Canada, and Korea! I’m particularly excited because the new coloring cards from our Hopscotch Paper line were picked up by a variety of shops! These flat notes are perfect for the little ones running around in your life. It’s never too early to teach paper etiquette!

Thanks for reading!