Birthplace of America

I hope you all had a fabulous labor day weekend! I went up to Philadelphia for the weekend to partake in my cousin’s wedding. In the midst of wedding festivities, babysitting my little cousins and toasting the bride + groom, I was able to sneak away to see Independence Hall + the Liberty Bell.

I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Call me nerdy, or any other adjective appropriate label to describe how into history I am, but I got chills when I stood in the same room our Constitution + Declaration of Independence was debated + adopted.

Anyway…it got me thinking of some cute little cards with bald eagles on them.

Maybe one day. 🙂

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Happy new week everyone!


Ok. I can’t resist adding some random facts about what I saw:

1. The Independence Hall building was built in 1732, finished by 1753 and back then, it was known at the Pennsylvania State House.

2. The PSH was the meeting place for the second continental congress for the 13th British colonies.

3. In 1775, George Washington was appointed as appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental army. The chair that he sat in for all their meetings is still there (see picture on the left). Sadly, the tour guide refused to let me sit in it.

4. Interestingly, Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General of what would become the first Post Office Department of the United States. How cool is this?! Benjamin Franklin, saving the states, one letter at a time.