Coffee Talk with Isabel {inspiration edition}

Last month, we introduced a new series called “Coffee Talk with Isabel” in hopes that you’d have a chance to get to know your favorite Doodler a little bit better.  If you’re new to 9th Letter Press, you should know that Isabel is our founder and sole artist.  Everything we produce comes from this Creative Genuis.  Impressive, right?

So, how does this fountain of design stay inspired?  Let’s ask.


  • Where does your inspiration come from?

It depends on the card…but I take real life pictures and take my illustrations from that.  For prints and patterns, I look at fashion trends.  I love vintage postcards and advertisements and I see just about every sign there is to see.

  • Do you have certain colors you’re drawn to?

Yes!  Salmon, a grapefruit hue, mint and key lime.

  • How many drafts does it take for you to feel like you have a piece “just right”?

About two or three drafts.

  • Are there any blogs, magazines, or catalogs you love for inspiration?

No, but I love the style of Anthropologie or J.Crew.  Surprisingly, Anthropologie rugs!

  • What inspires a sentiment behind a new card?

My own love story, friendships, and everyday life.  Before I was engaged, a lot of my cards had to do with love!

  • What kinds of pencils or pens do you use for doodling?

Right now, I’ve been loving the Sakura Pigma Micron 08 pens, paint brushes, and black ink.

That’s all folks!  Feeling inspired yet?