Coming Soon “On the 9th”…

Hello, all.

   We at 9th Letter Press got to talking and thought of something fun. If you bear with me for a second, you’ll get to see how this includes you (yes, you)! I’ll try really hard to keep myself from sounding overly gushy. After returning from The National Stationery Show, we’ve received so much love and support from every corner of the U.S. of A that I started to feel at a loss as to how to thank you all. (To be fair, I did think of sending everyone a thank you card but even for a paper lover like myself that seemed overwhelming). That’s when our fabulous new hire, Lauren Berlin, came up with a sweet way to give back love every month, starting on the 9th.  So on the 9th of every month we are doing something fun just for you. To say thank you for all the sweet words, love and unending support of the 9th Letter Press team.

Seemingly unrelated side note:

   When I was a little girl, I doodled all the time. My brother shared this love of mine and would often draw super heroes, comic book characters and cars. Naturally, I wanted to be different and original so I drew female versions of all his caricatures (including cars). Since then, I’ve been a repeat offender of doodling on an all the time basis. Class notes were riddled with sketches, as were my textbooks (remember when wrapping them up in kraft and contact paper was cool?), folders and so on. No blank square inch of paper was safe from me. It only seemed natural, after years and years of a profound love of doodling, sketching and lettering, that I’d somehow find a seat in a classroom to study Graphic Design.

Now for the tie in:

   Once a month, I will share my doodles, things I find inspiring, that have come from where I’ve found inspiration, pretty places I’ve visited, prints I’m working on, etc. These doodles will come straight out of my sketchbook and can be used as background images for the iPhone or Android. Use whichever and how many you like. I’ll be kick starting our “On the 9th…” free downloads with fun prints and monograms — starting with three letters. Next month I’ll do another three and so forth. If your letter hasn’t appeared yet, don’t despair. I’ll also be including a print without a particular letter so no one is left out (I really hate it when people are left out!).

See you Sunday, “On the 9th”!!

Here are a few Sneak Peaks!