Hello, Mr. Kluge

Our Newest Addition

Timing seems to be a big deal. Perfect timing can land you the perfect date, a great punch line and an assortment of properly baked goods— if you’ve timed your oven right, that is.

Yesterday, I became the happy owner of a very large, very rusty Kluge. It weighs something like 3,500 lbs, and resembles a monster covered in oil, grime and dirt. As happy as I am to meet the newest addition to our studio, I’m also feeling slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of restoring this beast.

No doubt, the Kluge will seem less like a formidable foe and more like a friendly press excited to be put to work after I’ve hosed it down with Evapo-Rust. But first, I need to wrap my mind around when and how I’ll get the new press up to speed before our big debut at The National Stationery Show happening in May.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and getting this press (which all but fell onto my lap, metaphorically speaking) right before the impending busy weeks of prepping for NSS has to be a good thing. Well, here’s to hoping anyway.

The Kluge is a powerhorse when it comes to production. It can make up to 4,000 impression per hour. As of right now, we print everything on our Chandler + Price, one by one. It would certainly make our turnaround all the more faster which would make everyone super duper happy.

Here’s the running list of everything I’ll need to get the Kluge in order:

Evapo-Rust, Drano, Citra-Solv, mineral spirits, rags, gloves, goggles, brasso, scotch brite pads, waterproof sandpaper, + WD-40.

Wish me luck!