Here We Are

Hello, all!

Signing in for the first blog post from the new 9th Letter Press site. After months of printing from within my garage, we’ve made 976 Orange Avenue and inter web our new home.

I have to tell you that this comes as the biggest kind of relief; letterpress printing in the Florida summer in a garage sans air conditioning was like wondering why Nicolas Cage acts out every script that comes his way. It just should not happen. After about an hour of printing I looked like I’d just swam the length of the Atlantic.

I imagine you’ll be finding quite a bit of musings, my new favorite things (besides brown packages tied up with string and crisp apple strudels), and quite possible links to all the movies I want to see in this calendar year. Just sending out a disclaimer to everyone out there who might be reading.

Here a few pictures of the studio for your viewing pleasure:



// ST. PETER //




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