Letters at Camp

When you go to camp, you expect a lot of snail mail courtesy of 9th Letter Press.

If you’ve ever been a 12 year old camper living off sugar and night games, you know how much a letter from home can make your tween day!  Forget the emails and texts, your camper needs a handwritten note with a big old S.W.A.K. stamping the back.  Sealed With A Kiss….stay with me peeps.

Isabel has designed the perfect stationery to send your camper.  Add it to a bottle of Calamine lotion and a couple of Abraham Lincoln’s and you will have one happy camper.

Take it from a former camper, if you want your tween back, send them one of these gold foil, letterpress, or flat printed cards!  Or else their Chaco feet may never want to leave the blissful heaven of summer camp.