National Stationery Show Recap

Being a first-timer at the National Stationery Show, I would have to liken our time to be a little like summer camp.  You wait all year to see old friends, meet new ones, stay up late, eat a lot of candy, and wave goodbye…promising to write and “KIT” (keep in touch) with all your new besties.

The only difference is, instead of a cabin, we were in a booth…Booth 1754 to be exact.

Our four days at the Javits Center were a whirlwind of caffeinated fun!  Putting faces to names we’ve corresponded with and meeting new friends was our favorite part of the show, hands-down, along with debuting our newest and cutest cards of course. 🙂

Our hospitality theme was a home run hit!  Isabel hand painted these gorgeous pineapples on our coffee station to go along with our pineapple coffee sleeves, actual pineapple decor, and pineapple invites.  I would have to say that our 9th Letter Press booth was truly a home away from home and news of our cups of jo circulated fast.

From Booth 1754, thanks a million zillion for stopping by and lovin’ on our paper goods and us!  We are so appreciative of your support.  We cease to be amazed by your kindness.

Until next time…peace out, NYC.  We promise to write.  xoxo