New Releases: Staff Favorites

Did we ever tell you how much we love our new releases?? Everyone here at 9th Letter Press has their favorites and we wanted to share them with you! These are just some of the wonderful new releases that will be in our ‘Stationery Show in a Box’ crates. (to learn more about those, read this post!) Enjoy this sneak peek and check back on the blog on Wednesday for another!
1. Ally: Geometric Love
“This gold foil card is one of my favorites! I love the sentiment; it’s really sweet.”
2. LJ: Always
“What I love most about this card are the pops of color. It’s such a fun and playful anniversary card!”
3. Isabel: Latte
“I love this card because I love the fall and pumpkin spice lattes!
4. Sheli: Mistletoe
“This fun holiday card is perfect for a significant other; I would give it to my husband!”
5. Sam: Made My Day
“This copper foil card makes me smile every time I look at it.”
-9th Letter Press