On the 9th: Numero Cuatro

Hello Comrades!

Another month, another ON THE 9TH smart phone backdrop giveaway! This month I just couldn’t stay away from polka dots, black and gold.  I found myself pinning every known object, flatware, house decor, fabric and whatever else caught my fancy that came in black, gold and polka dots.  I hope you enjoy this classic combo and it jazzes up your smart phone in a timeless way.

In other news… 9TH LETTER PRESS is nominated for Martha Stewart’s American Made Audience Choice Awards.  Please vote for us at: AMERICAN MADE.  You can vote up to 6 times every 24 hours, and voting is up for the next few weeks!

Here is a video (under About the Movement) which talks about Martha Stewart’s vision for American Made.

We are also very excited to announce that in Spring 2014, 9TH LETTER PRESS cards will be sold at a Crate & Barrel near you!  We are thrilled, excited, overjoyed, and so blessed!


Thank you so much for all the love and support! 🙂







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