Special blog in honor of Isabel’s & Sheli’s Fathers

Young Isabel with her Father Edgar //

You know how some men reach middle age and get into golf or fast cars? Something widespread and normal? Not Edgar, my charming and old school caballero dad.   He got into music DVDs.

I’ll start at the beginning. My dad bought stereo systems like people buy milk at the grocery store. He was always in search of the best, new, super-duper-premium stereo that could breathe life into his collection of music DVDs. No artist is safe from my dad. Shania Twain, Pink Floyd, Andrea Bocelli, and even Jason Mraz. At any given point in the day*, one can hear the bellows of some musician, dressed to the nines, blasting in the newest stereo in my parent’s living room.

I’ve grown up with these “concerts” all my life. My love of music, all kinds, comes from long hours of watching Coldplay, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez in our living room.  If you haven’t noticed, my father is all equal opportunity when it comes to music. He grew up in Bolivia and when he came to the USA to study medicine in the 70s, he was exposed to a variety of genres and he promptly fell in love with all of them. To this day, he is still discovering new artists…even if they did debut some 30 years ago. Like yesterday for example; my dear father calls me and I can just hear the palpable excitement in his voice.

“Isabel! Hi! I bought a new music DVD!”

“You did? Who are you listening to now?” I ask.

“Have you heard of Led Zeppelin???”

These are the kind of conversations I live for. Happy Father’s Day, Edgar. Besos!

*(Much to my mother’s dismay)

Sheli //

  My dad “Tag”, short for Manuel Alfonso Tagliarini, is quite a hoot!  He has always done things to connect with us as kids over the years.  One of my first memories includes him fully participating in a Halloween party that I hosted in elementary school.  He dressed up as my mom in one of her outfits, hair accessories and all.  He helped me put on skits and games for my friends.  He was a total hit!  On more than one occasion he would insert current slang into his vocabulary to be “cool” in the eyes of myself and my brothers.  I can remember being shocked when he started using the phrase “that’s sweet” in everyday conversation and the day mom and I came home from a trip to the mall to see him icing his toe after breaking it practicing the MC Hammer in our living room while we were gone.  There was never a dull moment in our house!

He finds so much joy in his kids.  It is not rare for him to divulge all of our academic or athletic achievements to any willing server while we are out to dinner.  I’ve been embarrassed many times as the stories go on and on, but in my heart of hearts I think it is sweet that he is so proud of us!

What I love most about my dad is the way he loves each of us so selflessly.

This is a picture of him doing what he what he does so well, saying “YES” to anything that makes one of his kids or grandkids happy…whether it is going out to breakfast at my favorite greasy spoons, going down a water slide with one of the grandkids, taking mom on a date for no special reason, or going for “another” walk on the beach to keep the little ones entertained, he’s always up for it!  My dad is a special man through and through, I am truly blessed!

Happy Father’s Day!