Take Out

 Hello world —

It’s the tail end of my work day and as I sit here, I’m finishing up a bowl of wonton soup — my fourth of the week. Aside from the sudden realization that I’ve consumed more sodium this week than any person should average in a year, I’ve been feeling quite choked up by the amount of support we’ve received since 9th Letter Press’ conception. I don’t know what else to say, other then a profound thank you.

So, I frequently get asked where the name 9th LETTER PRESS comes from. Many have believed it had something to do with a newsroom or an old forgotten printing company; probably one in which Benjamin Franklin worked in (kind of awesome, actually). While my grandmother probably lit a candle every day for ten years praying that I’d be a journalist for CNN, the name has nothing to do with anything news related.

I’d been trying to come up with a name for what looked like then, a fun little side project. When said project started to rule my free time, I decided to take a leap of faith into the entrepreneurial rabbit hole. I knew what I wanted the company to “look” like, the type of work I’d wanted to produce, and where I wanted to be. Everything seemed all systems GO.

But first, a name. Here was the running list:

  • Emporium Press
  • Abacus Paper
  • Atlas Nine (alas, already a band. That was the first one to go)
  • Atlas Designs
And I’m sure there are some other ones I thought I of, but immediately scratched. Nothing felt or sounded right. Then one night I couldn’t sleep. I recall a thunderstorm that practically shook the walls of the bungalow house I live in. After I don’t how many glances at my phone to check the time — the minutes just dragged — the ABC song came into my head. Once it did, I counted to the letter “i”. It happened to be the 9th letter in the alphabet. Since my name is Isabel Ibanez, and having been born on April 9th, it just fit. My mind seemed to think so too, because the next thing I remembered, I woke up.

And there you have it.

In other news (ha!), I’ll be adding five new cards to the store. Hope you like them as much I enjoyed drawing them. Pictures will be up soon! 🙂