Like many teenage girls, I paid my due in Friday night babysitting.  I could always tell if it was going to be a good night when I’d pile their plates with mac and cheese, a side of broccoli, and apple slices and in return receive a cheesy “thank you”.  Those two little words go a long way.  I don’t think it changes much when an adult says it either.  You give away your taxi to a guy in a rush and he yells a gracious “Thannnnk you!”  You see a baby lose his binky in the Starbucks line and when you pick it up, his mom thanks you profusely, knowing full well their day wouldn’t go nearly as well without it.

A verbal thanks is usually enough, but sometimes you decide to show your thanks with a handwritten card.  I’m pretty sure whoever is on the receiving end of that would beam.

Check out how you could make someone’s day by sending them some 9th Letter Press gold foil and flat printed thank you stationery!

So, I guess it’s about time I say “Thank you!” for reading today.  It’s making me beam!